Responsible Party is a pan-European campaign to raise awareness among students about responsible drinking and contribute to the reduction of excessive and inappropriate consumption of alcohol among youth.

Even if at first glance it doesn't sound exciting, "Responsible Party" is fun and a great label to enrich your parties!

It's about smart and simple tips helping you and your friends to really enjoy the party: making the night last longer while staying in good shape, avoiding excessive drinking and its dangerous consequences, situations you would regret... etc.

"Responsible Party" is a program run across Europe, more than 80 000 students have already experienced it!

Curious to know more about "Responsible Party"? On, you will find all the useful tips for a safe night out, the myths about alcohol and its effects, interesting articles, news and pictures of the parties and much more.

Let's get the Responsible Party started!


ESN Sweden's Involvement

ESN Sweden is proud to have Responsible Party as the most visible partner of our national event, ESN Sea Battle. Several volunteers on the ship give out water, gadgets, and information about partying responsibly. Furthermore, some of our sections have invited Responsible Party to their local events.