Whatever drives you to Sweden we’re sure you will find it.

Sweden has pretty much everything to offer, all four seasons, (yes summer as well), northern lights, beautiful seas, gorgeous forests, snowy landscapes and of course great ESN sections. And just in case you’re confused… our language is Swedish, but almost everyone speaks perfect English, and communicating is usually not a problem! A lot of the courses in Sweden are held in English, so you will not have to learn Swedish. However, since the language is a big part of the Swedish culture we encourage you to take part in a language course. Learning the language is very important toward integrating well with the Swedish people.

The first thing to do when considering Sweden as your destination for exchange studies (after checking our website) is to visit www.studyinsweden.se, where you can find information about visa requirements, insurance regulations, work conditions and students’ rights.

In general you have nothing to fear. Whatever you might have heard about Swedes, they are a gentle and peace loving kind of people. Some good things to know is that we don’t kiss each other on the cheeks but we hug, we take our shoes off when we enter a home, not all Swedes are blonde or have blue eyes, the best national ice-hockey team is to be found here and we are insanely proud of IKEA even though none of the products are made in Sweden...

You can find further reading about the Swedish culture, way of living, and traditions at www.sweden.se.